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Why fairy tales don’t inspire anymore!

Who does not like a little story? A good plot, some identifiable characters, a little background, a convincing story-teller sprinkled with some emotions  Little Red Ridinhood didn’t listen to her mother. Jasmine was in a live in relationship with Alladin. Snow White alone lived wid 7… Continue Reading “Why fairy tales don’t inspire anymore!”

Yes, its love…

What is the feeling,that keeps you awake ? Is it not worth keeping,all wisdom at stake? I wonder how or why could one stay afloat? If it was not for this one tugboat!   It was just an intuition on the onset, As time flew by, it… Continue Reading “Yes, its love…”


With him I shared my tennis racket, My joy and sorrows and my leather jacket He was the one I found standing ground When there was no one around He met she and I was told They were precious to me, more than gold!… Continue Reading “Friendship”

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