Amazing life #6 – Go help A Little

Some of you may have read the other articles on the  ‘Amazing Life Series’, this video captures so well what I have only dreamt to share.

Mostly we get caught in the battle of ‘If’ and ‘Then’; ‘If i get help from my team, only then will i offer to help them next time.’ Here is a video that teaches us otherwise and shares how a small action can be big step towards making the world a better place to live in …

So go, help a little and spread a little love because that is what humanity was meant to do !


Abhinandan Chatterjee


I don’t have to learn to live,
But if I do,let it be worth;
I dont have to burn to give,
But if I do, let it be worth.

I know not what wisdom is
Then why should I pretend to be wise
Trends talk to me this way
I must, should I want to rise

It’s trough toil and labour, as they say
Fortunes are made night and day
What toil is it in deceit,
Still it seems to rule the street

And I think I have built a place
For me in this worldly world.
Just then I see that smarter con
I am just a peg in his worldly turf

How so? That I don’t know,
Will I ever make it large
Or just like life meant me to be,
Will I succumb to latharge?

It is my battle to choose and

which will be the  final stand?

I don’t know how will it end,

But I will make sure it is grand.

Metamorphosis – The little bloke

It knew not how to be born,

Yet it broke its way through the shell

On a wicked branch it crawled its way

A lavishing leaf it could tell.


Crowning his way amidst the fear,

Dreading to be consumed!

He took his hundred steps together,

His fate was un-assumed.


It grew and grew and seasons stayed

Untill one day he froze,

‘The End’ is that what it was ?

Or was it just another prose.


His heart began a slower pound

And harder grew his cocoon

A parched leaf was his final ground

He knew not the Sun or Moon


Change was constant, life was not

Nobody told him this !

What next? was next and bed was hot

Wonder what he would wish?


Tough times as they were then

he started sensing his beat

Now he could hear the chirping birds

and he could feel the heat !


Soon enough a ray of light

made it to his eyes

a herculean hole lay ahead

but he had to rise!


He pushed and pushed till he could breathe

and hours felt like days

He was now a different bloke

and different was his ways


He walked not but he could fly

a different world he saw

He had his pain and found his pleasure

He then called a draw…



Yes, its love…

What is the feeling,that keeps you awake ?

Is it not worth keeping,all wisdom at stake?

I wonder how or why could one stay afloat?

If it was not for this one tugboat!


It was just an intuition on the onset,

As time flew by, it was the only happiness I could get

Everything else seemed so bleak

Like food with no salt, my knees too felt weak.


I would often wonder, why should I walk this route?

Somehow I never saw, the bagpiper with her flute

We met and we dated,going back home we hated

Time spent with her was my only loot!


As days went by it wasn’t a petty game anymore

Life’s sole purpose ,that is what it had become

If it dint work, I knew I’d be numb

But as they say about kids and toys, even love has a lot of decoys…


As soon as I had it, I began to re-think

When things went nasty, none of us would blink

How so?, I kept thinking, feeling low all the while


It is through this pain that I found the real gift of Nile

Like water you should be, agile, swift, flowous and clear to me

Ever caring, real, transparent and happy to forgive

With both joy and sorrow is the only way to live


When it comes to love, words do fall short

It is not a picture for me to distort

I would leave it for you to gauge the trend

Remember its power to make all rules bend…

And I run…

Everyday I live I think
How life is so much love,
I wonder how or why
one needs to stay above.

Is it a race ? always I fathom
Why are we running? I think
Find me winding my saxofone
Take a step back and blink.

I feel more awake than ever,
So alive I feel
I look at the world within and away 
Just a moment to steal

How life could be? I wonder,
Juggling silent sounds 
No more a pram but a supercar
Have my calling I found?

Such thoughts make me agile
There be no start , no end
Running, race,to loose or win
Are nothing but just trends

To a far side montain-top
Should I sage my way
Or in this ratrace we call life
Should a rat I stay ?

I wonder more.

      – Abhinandam Chatterjee


Stories told by men have stayed,
Faces wrinkled,hair greyed
Yet till this day has lived this tale
Immortal values have’nt frayed

There was an young lad on a stroll
He crossed a few men walking by
Lionheart he would come to be
He saw ill and he had to try

A little boy dumped in the sea
Pushing like a drowning bee
Though he knew not how to swim
Still he ran to help him be

In seconds passe’ he soaked himself
Life and death was on the brim
Breath had never felt so scarce
His own life was on the trim

And before we knew it , a kid was raised,
Panting from a crying sea
The hand which raised the second life
Was played by fate’s symphony

Did he know that he could end?
If he did; would he have jumped?
Sure he did my heart would rhyme
his values made him have a say

In this tale he blinks at soul
Thus he walked lionheart’s way.


He was thinking of a way till the hay turn gray,

Sitting all day and not a wise word to say.

He would have his moments

Sorrow and fun, he was just like others

But he would never run

Yet he had, no friends to fiddle


As he grew he did meet a few,

The feeling was indeed – new.

Time went by as they flew apart

It was beer soon and not lemon tart

He dunked and drank

Occasionally, pulled a prank

Yet he had, no friends to fiddle


The tanks galore, he was sent ashore

Fighting for his people, he still felt alone

There were many a priests and motifs profound

He longed soon for his 6 feet of ground

Knowing not what he had in store

He moved on to inspire a dozen

Yet he had, no friends to fiddle


A breeze so sweet and a woman came by,

Back again he was on a high

Life’s testimony was not yet over

He had found his four leaf clover

That was when he was on a roll

Every evening he would go for a stroll

He knew some souls who he met very often

Yet he had, no friends to fiddle


That was the day, yesterday,

Now he is no one new

There are still people

So does he say?

He eyes seem waiting, till this day

Yet he has, no friends to fiddle.


–              By Abhinandan Chatterjee


I don’t see the end is near

Close up shots of my fear

Put in words, but not so clear

And I wonder, why should I rise…


Divine riots in my head

Bloody fights for a piece of bread

Books on wisdom never read

A dog-eat-dog world ahead…


An aching heart with thoughts amiss

Love is out to take a piss

Serpents whine with a louder hiss

all I need is a caring kiss…


Happiness is just so scarce

Save as much for life’s stare

Sad are stories with no end

Dark and gloomy – now a trend…


And just then I see the sun

out of darkness, on the run

though it knows its life in hours

Shines upright with a blazing gun…


you should be the best you see

so what? If the darkness falls

only then will you feel the light

if you walk through the darker walls…


If i were the sun, i feel

ill be thinking why to rise?


The night will come as the end is near

I could choose to live in fear

‘To live now is the ‘present’

and with death comes no prize’

With this thought I am clear.