Welcome to Humanware Works . This is a practical and simple blog created to discuss different aspects of business,people, learning, growth and life.


I started this blog in September 2007 on blogger.com and it has recently been migrated to www.abhinandanchatterjee.com at WordPress. It has an alternate address as well, www.humanwareworks.com.

I am abhinandan, and this blog was born out of my passion for learning and sharing it with anyone who needs it. This article is simply an ‘Index’ that will help you navigate through the blog and find what you want.

You can read my professional profiles published at different sources simply by clicking on any of the following links:

I spoke at a TED event about succumbing to conformity. You can see the video here


While I write about a lot of things, they are broadly classified under two categories. In this article, you can find out about these categories and see what suits your taste-buds.


OD-TO-DO : My work and my biggest passion – Learning and Development. In this section we find many interesting elements and perspectives on L&D and OD. If you are just casually interested or are a professional. Feel free to start a conversation here or tweet at me @thebongkong


Inspiration : What can I do if my head decides to think in directions more than one, this section has some interesting stories, poems and articles – Just a leisure read. Feel free to start a conversation here or tweet at me @thebongkong

This blog also has a Facebook page. You can always ‘share’ and ‘like it’ because sharing knowledge only develops it!

Also,below this post, you can find all the unclassified articles written till date. I hope this information makes your time spent on this blog more rewarding.

All the work on this blog post are my creation unless otherwise stated. Since it took some effort, I would appreciate if you ask me before copying any material for any reason other than reading.

Please feel free to drop a comment anywhere you like.You can tell me what you liked, disliked or if anything needs improvement. I love feedback and I promise to implement what is relevant  !

Want More? Ask me a question or post a suggestion

Read-On & Regards,

Abhinandan Chatterjee © Copyright.2012

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome bro… I just saw that video of yours..which u had delivered in TEDX….that was just too good keep it up bro.. Cu around take care..

  2. Dear Abhinandan, this is a beautiful site. Please accept our appreciation for enriching the lives of many who have started following this young site. We are confident that your flock will continue to increase!
    All the best!

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