My online photo exhibit & COVID-19 Fundraiser : ‘Vie Incolore’

Presenting my online photo exhibit & COVID fundraiser: ‘Vie Incolore’ ie.e Colourless life. (Click here to view the Facebook album)

For every photo, you buy and pay for, I will match the amount up to 50 K. Target 1 L by May 30, 2020. Details below! 

Before the #lockdown I was in talks to be a part of a photography exhibition cum fundraiser focused on monochrome artworks (Can you guess which 5 images were going to be on display?). That did not happen so I am posting it here with a purpose – Share some joy and raise some funds…

This exhibition called ‘Vie Incolore’ or colourless life is hosted as a public album on Facebook and is accessible here:

On JOY: Images spark emotions and reflections for most of us! These are images full of life, some silent and some loud. Hopefully, you will experience what I did while capturing these moments. Will repost this on other SM platforms for the rest of May! 

On Raising Funds: Its simple, the target is to raise INR 1 Lakh by 30th May 2020. I will match what you pay for the photographs so they need to be worth 50 K for me to add 50 more and donate the whole thing!

What you get: In return, you get the high-resolution file without a watermark via email which can be printed and framed up to a 2Ft. by 3 Ft. size. You can do it any which way you like once the world opens up. 

Please share this, like this and help me ensure that it reaches more people. Also, if there is a photograph that you have clicked and would like to add to this exhibition (must have a RAW or High res JPEG) then DM me to send a pic over email. I will add it