Day: May 20, 2020

My online photo exhibit & COVID-19 Fundraiser : ‘Vie Incolore’

Presenting my online photo exhibit & COVID fundraiser: ‘Vie Incolore’ ie.e Colourless life. (Click here to view the Facebook album) For every photo, you buy and pay for, I will match the amount up to 50 K. Target 1 L by May 30, 2020. Details… Continue Reading “My online photo exhibit & COVID-19 Fundraiser : ‘Vie Incolore’”

The 2020 learning outlook (Revisited)

#L&D #OD #Learning #Leadership #Futureofwork #Change (This article was written and published in 2015, I am now revisiting the insights as a way of being accountable for what I said and NOT to really say ‘I told you so!’) An ancient Chinese story, retold… Continue Reading “The 2020 learning outlook (Revisited)”

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