My online photo exhibit & COVID-19 Fundraiser : ‘Vie Incolore’

Presenting my online photo exhibit & COVID fundraiser: 'Vie Incolore' ie.e Colourless life. (Click here to view the Facebook album) For every photo, you buy and pay for, I will match the amount up to 50 K. Target 1 L by May 30, 2020. Details below!  monochrome-photo-exhibit-and-covid-fundraiser_vie-incolore-by-abhinandan-chatterjee-1-1Download Before the #lockdown I was in talks to be a part … Continue reading My online photo exhibit & COVID-19 Fundraiser : ‘Vie Incolore’


The 2020 learning outlook (Revisited)

#L&D #OD #Learning #Leadership #Futureofwork #Change (This article was written and published in 2015, I am now revisiting the insights as a way of being accountable for what I said and NOT to really say 'I told you so!') An ancient Chinese story, retold by Phil Jackson, coach of the phenomenally successful Chicago Bulls basketball … Continue reading The 2020 learning outlook (Revisited)

What is essential? An objective view

Also readable on linkedin at Essentials only! We have hard this over and over again in the last 1-2 months since social distancing and lockdown have begun. About a year ago I started reading about minimalism and that is where I came across this phrase 'essentialism' for the first time. My attempt to become … Continue reading What is essential? An objective view