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What’s in the name; said Shakespeare – Little did he know that one day the entire #HR fraternity will struggle with this! Whether to call it #HR, #HR generalist, #HR Ops, or #HRBP seems to be tougher then deciding the KRA’s for all of them.

This is a critical issue, and one that can potentially push a lot of us out of jobs over time.

Out Of Jobs? Yes, thats what I said and its because the way its going, people may just soon loose jobs because of the term they used on their LikedIn profile regardless of the work they actually do ! While doing the PG, Strategic HRM Course, at IIM Calcutta, me and my acquaintances were provided with the  task of creating a project report based on realtime inputs.

We chose : Aligning HR & Business Strategy to impact bottom line through the HRBP framework 

So, I am just sharing the report for which we even found some sound validation from Peoplematters and CEB-SHL surveys!

Read it on slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/abhilearning/hr-general-vs-hrbp-and-how-to-make-the-latter-work-for-work

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