My Testimonials

This is what some of the participants had to say after attending my workshops through I Train Consultants (I) Pvt.Ltd: “Our discussion was very relevant and addressed our challenges well.  What we discussed very practical and real life. I will definitely implement what I have learnt today going forward.” Mid-Management, McKinsey & Company, On Leading  … Continue reading My Testimonials

My Work Profile

Abhinandan’s strength lies in his ability to get people to participate, think and act! “Learning is not compulsory, neither is change, nor is survival”, is his idea to introduce learning by relating to the audience & making them comfortable to step out of moulds and benefit by sharing their perspectives. He says ‘ to change … Continue reading My Work Profile

The ‘Value’ Culture

While working across the board with over 50 organizations and 12 industries, I have always heard employee’s complaint of favoritism, or inconsistency in decision-making, or lack of fairness. This constant cribbing gets to me at times; I can only wonder what it does to the poor HR people! I am looking at only one side … Continue reading The ‘Value’ Culture

Metamorphosis – The little bloke

It knew not how to be born, Yet it broke its way through the shell On a wicked branch it crawled its way A lavishing leaf it could tell.   Crowning his way amidst the fear, Dreading to be consumed! He took his hundred steps together, His fate was un-assumed.   It grew and grew … Continue reading Metamorphosis – The little bloke