And I run…

Everyday I live I think
How life is so much love,
I wonder how or why
one needs to stay above.

Is it a race ? always I fathom
Why are we running? I think
Find me winding my saxofone
Take a step back and blink.

I feel more awake than ever,
So alive I feel
I look at the world within and away 
Just a moment to steal

How life could be? I wonder,
Juggling silent sounds 
No more a pram but a supercar
Have my calling I found?

Such thoughts make me agile
There be no start , no end
Running, race,to loose or win
Are nothing but just trends

To a far side montain-top
Should I sage my way
Or in this ratrace we call life
Should a rat I stay ?

I wonder more.

      – Abhinandam Chatterjee