The Unlikely Teacher

We run after ivy leagues and IIM’s to seek knowledge. No harm in it but what about the knowledge available around us.

Learning in not limited to books, degrees and institutions, its limited only to our thirst and what it takes to quench it.

It is infact an enlightning experience, what little things can teach you. I have heard, felt and experienced this serendipity. Here is a story that compells me to look out, be open and learn every time I remember it.

Gautam buddha was sitting underneath a banayan tree, meditating.On the other side of the tree two local musicians met and were discussing their work.

One of them wanted to learn the ‘ektara’, to increase his expertise.
The other musician, to express his expertise, started talking about the ektara.
He said ” The ektara is a beautiful instrument. If you want to learn how to play it , you must first learn how to tune the string. Make it too loose and it will not sound desirable, make it too tight and it will break.”
He concluded by repeating “not too tight, not too loose”

Buddha left his meditation and jumped up to stand. It was almost like someone had told him something unbelieveable.

He had realized the secret to happiness or ‘moksha’.

Like the string for the ektara, too much or too little of anything is the reason for most sorrow.

Be it money, love, knowledge or even life. This philosophy gave birth to the idea of ‘madhyama marga‘ or the middle path.

How many such opportunities have we missed, is anybody’s guess.

I see people with books and e books alike, not appreciating the simple logic in things or using it to make life better.

Why use blunt force when you can use physics! and it is not necessarily in books.

While discussing negotiation skills with a group of professionals form a Telecom company. I learnt a new lesson.

It was the story of an ongoing negotiation between them and a network giant where both of them were fighting their corners ,die hard. Eventually, they stopped listening to each other, did not let the other person speak, and finally quit conversations.

Untill an year later, a change of management got them to dig up the initial proposals that were shared and to everybody’s astonishment, they proposed the same resolution. This infers that they kept arguing with each other while saying the same thing.

This tought me to ‘shut up and listen’ while negotiating. The knowledge from the books can be brought in only later. Basics are basically always around us.

This is an everyday thing but when is it that we stop applying logic and start using our biceps to think.

It is very interesting how things get done around us, how a rickshaw puller manages to paddle all day, how a chefs kitchen produces food in 20 minutes or less, how the courier guy always find the address.

Their techniques can teach us tonnes.

The only question you need to ask is ‘HOW’? go ask …

Yes, its love…

What is the feeling,that keeps you awake ?

Is it not worth keeping,all wisdom at stake?

I wonder how or why could one stay afloat?

If it was not for this one tugboat!


It was just an intuition on the onset,

As time flew by, it was the only happiness I could get

Everything else seemed so bleak

Like food with no salt, my knees too felt weak.


I would often wonder, why should I walk this route?

Somehow I never saw, the bagpiper with her flute

We met and we dated,going back home we hated

Time spent with her was my only loot!


As days went by it wasn’t a petty game anymore

Life’s sole purpose ,that is what it had become

If it dint work, I knew I’d be numb

But as they say about kids and toys, even love has a lot of decoys…


As soon as I had it, I began to re-think

When things went nasty, none of us would blink

How so?, I kept thinking, feeling low all the while


It is through this pain that I found the real gift of Nile

Like water you should be, agile, swift, flowous and clear to me

Ever caring, real, transparent and happy to forgive

With both joy and sorrow is the only way to live


When it comes to love, words do fall short

It is not a picture for me to distort

I would leave it for you to gauge the trend

Remember its power to make all rules bend…

And I run…

Everyday I live I think
How life is so much love,
I wonder how or why
one needs to stay above.

Is it a race ? always I fathom
Why are we running? I think
Find me winding my saxofone
Take a step back and blink.

I feel more awake than ever,
So alive I feel
I look at the world within and away 
Just a moment to steal

How life could be? I wonder,
Juggling silent sounds 
No more a pram but a supercar
Have my calling I found?

Such thoughts make me agile
There be no start , no end
Running, race,to loose or win
Are nothing but just trends

To a far side montain-top
Should I sage my way
Or in this ratrace we call life
Should a rat I stay ?

I wonder more.

      – Abhinandam Chatterjee


Stories told by men have stayed,
Faces wrinkled,hair greyed
Yet till this day has lived this tale
Immortal values have’nt frayed

There was an young lad on a stroll
He crossed a few men walking by
Lionheart he would come to be
He saw ill and he had to try

A little boy dumped in the sea
Pushing like a drowning bee
Though he knew not how to swim
Still he ran to help him be

In seconds passe’ he soaked himself
Life and death was on the brim
Breath had never felt so scarce
His own life was on the trim

And before we knew it , a kid was raised,
Panting from a crying sea
The hand which raised the second life
Was played by fate’s symphony

Did he know that he could end?
If he did; would he have jumped?
Sure he did my heart would rhyme
his values made him have a say

In this tale he blinks at soul
Thus he walked lionheart’s way.