Day: September 11, 2011

Ask me a question !

If you have a business situation, a challenge in life or while achieving your goals; this is our platform to ‘ ask me a question’. Based on the work I do and whatever I little I know, I am committed to assist you in… Continue Reading “Ask me a question !”

Welcome to my blog – Index

Welcome to Humanware Works . This is a practical and simple blog created to discuss different aspects of business,people, learning, growth and life. Index Right under ‘Humanware Works’ , you can find the menu with seven items on it. I have explained them below for… Continue Reading “Welcome to my blog – Index”

Story-time : Ethics don’t hurt

An Amdavadi auto-rickshaw driver did the unexpected on Saturday morning-returned a bag containing Rs 20 lakh worth of diamonds to the trader who had forgotten it in his three-wheeler without checking the contents. The driver was later felicitated by the trader and police. Mohammed… Continue Reading “Story-time : Ethics don’t hurt”

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