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Welcome to Humanware Works . This is a practical and simple blog created to discuss different aspects of business,people, learning, growth and life.


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In this section my heart spreads out on paper and makes its way with words, paint and pictures. Mostly my poems and quotes to start with along with my paintings and photographs ( Lucky Flicks ) !


I am trying to play around with organizational development models and philosophies that can drive sustainable change and consistent innovation. This section is about the BIG PICTURE from the organizational perspectives.

Lets find (5W+1H) for companies. You can look out for case studies, Situation based pedagogy, Best Practices and my Consulting insights here.

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A collection of stories from all around the world. Some written, some adopted, some reproduced from what people said, but all with some learning to work and live by.


Being a Virgo, though i don’t believe in the logic of zodiac signs much, criticism comes naturally to me.

In this section I will talk about my first hand experiences about everything in 100 words or less. I will also rate my experiences on my ‘goodness scale’ from 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest.

Just some good old unsolicited advice.

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This is my latest fascination and it is with stand up comedy. Yes, Stand-Up Comedy. I would rather dance naked but this is something that I have to do so i’ll be ‘thebongkong’ and hopefully, you’ll be be the one laughing!


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Story-time : Ethics don’t hurt

An Amdavadi auto-rickshaw driver did the unexpected on Saturday morning-returned a bag containing Rs 20 lakh worth of diamonds to the trader who had forgotten it in his three-wheeler without checking the contents. The driver was later felicitated by the trader and police.

Mohammed Ansari took to driving auto-rickshaw to feed his family of eight. On Saturday, his first customer was Rupesh Jain, a diamond trader from Jaipur, who had come to the city to meet his ailing mother. He hired Ansari from the Kalupur railway station to a private hospital in Thaltej.

“Ansari had loaded Jain’s bag into his rickshaw and driven off assuming that the passenger was already in the backseat. However, Jain was left behind at the station with his other luggage and the diamonds in the rickshaw. Ansari realised his mistake when he reached near Dilli Darwaza and drove back to the railway station,” said D S Patel, inspector of Kalupur police station.

By then, Jain had reached the police station and narrated his tale of missing diamonds. When the complaint was being recorded, Ansari came there. Jain rushed to the bags and was overwhelmed to see the diamonds still there.

Ansari did not make a big deal of his act. “Some auto-wallahs have earned a bad name for everyone. I hope people see us in a new light now,” he said. “Compared to other cities, Amdavadi auto-drivers are more honest. Police can also rope us in for information on suspicious activities. Who knows, the bag could have had a bomb instead of diamonds,” he said