The Coaching Anchor

There have been numerous books written on coaching and they talk about models, techniques and even the dummy style route maps to being a successful coach.

Short term quick fixes work well, but I wonder if they drive commitment that can last over a week.

Think about it, what you would like to see in your coach.

Try to remember that one well wisher who you would believe instantly and discuss things willingly with. What was different in the relationship with that person?

The difference is the TRUST factor.

As a coach or a mentor, trust is the key to effective and lasting motivation that drives change.

What drives trust?


Trust is built upon three key elements on the long term perspective:

Honesty: The birth of positive and open culture where fairness is the most prized element is a must to generate trust. Do people feel appreciated or confronted? Do people think of you as assistance or as competition?

These questions must be answered to unsure comfort for everyone in the situation.

Benevolence: Are you a good human being? Do people around you believe a good human being? Trust is built on beliefs, the more positiveness we can pump in through being kind, the higher the amount on trust will be.

Capability: Are you an expert? Do people find your feedback credible and believable? Do you practice what you preach? These are some of the key things that you need to ensure.

As long as there is Honesty, Benevolence and Capability in the picture – Trust will drive coaching and feedback in the system.