On Procrastination

Writing this blog was a thing I wanted to do for the last two years. Yet, this is only my fourth post. So the question is – ‘How many times have you planned to do something and never done it?’ Can’t think of a number, right? Must be many times, huh?

That’s the story, almost everyone I know, has shared with me. Time is the fifth element of nature. It is what creates balance and change. It is the most nonrenewable resource and the most unforgiving partner. Timing is the key to success. The right timing leads to the right results.

A baby born a few days too early or to late can end a life. A company started at a wrong time with too many competitors does not break even.

The Indian Sunrise sectors reinforce this law of nature. The first companies to come are the last ones to go and the longest ones to live.

So what can you do NOW?

Make a list of things you wanted to do but never did. Put them on a piece of paper, big and paste it in front of you. Start with the ones that make the maximum difference to your life, thrust you towards your goals the most. Work on them as if the world ends next month. Act now, move and make a difference.

There is no shortcut to delete procrastination from your life but to start acting now. Or if you are looking to work on this later … that’s entirely up to you.

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